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Educational apps for schools | Discovering the Temple
Sagrada Família
Mediúscula produces educational apps to discover the expiatory church of La Sagrada Família. There are five kinds of visits for schools. They are available in Catalan, Spanish, English or French.

- General Visit: Based on the analysis of Gaudí's aims by discovering architectural and symbolic elements, leading to experiencing the exceptionality of the space and the application of specialised vocabulary.

- Nature and Technology Visit: Based on the general visit but with a deeper study of the natural motifs and the connection between Gaudí's work, natural forms and geometry.

- History and Society Visit: Based on the general visit but situating the temple in the historical context of its construction spanning three centuries. Aimed at groups who would like to complement what they have learned about Gaudí and Modernisme in the classroom.

- Symbolic and Spiritual Visit: Analysis of Gaudí's aims to represent the message of the Gospels and Church liturgy with architectural, iconographic and decorative elements.

- Visits for Foreign Students: An introduction to the iconography of the temple and its historical context in the city of Barcelona.

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