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Moles. What's out there? | FullDome Movie
Antares FullDome Productions and Mediúscula present the FullDome cartoon film MOLES, for digital planetariums. MOLES integrate traditional storytelling with digital media in order to entertain children, and awaken their interest for astronomy and nature. With MOLES, children will learn basic concepts about science while having a great time.

In this co-production of Antares FullDome Productions and Mediúscula, young children will be introduced to the fascinating world of astronomy in a fun, simple and very humorous way, hand in hand with the little mole. The animated characters and the attractive backdrops of this full dome entertainment show will keep the audience captivated. Such films are currently available in Spanish (Castilian), Spanish (U.S. English), French, Japanese, Korean, Turkish and Russian. MOLES is addressed to boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 8. It is perfectly suited for school programs as well as for family showings.

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